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Who you are defines what success beholds of you! You might be crazy, educated or talented but its only when you realize who you are you will cause an impact! Realizing who you are is the education that should be happening here, we living a life of who we ain’t! Forcing tasks and careers. You might be the perfect teacher but look , you into accounting! Do you know why jobs suck!!!! Perhaps you might be the reason why your job sucks! The problem is you😂😂it might sound funny but know who you are and what you want! Don’t go for an iphone for class and yet your mind is on a good android. We also have very high end androids that speak loud, (One plus can relate). Don’t just sell, you might sell for years, sell what you are best in! But what’s that you are best in? We cant all be politicians, doctors, teachers etc but we can all have a purpose to achieve a goal.  

Take position and master yourself. I myself haven’t mastered myself! It might seem too weird bit remember we followed the system that took us to 8:4:4 that would never allow us to realise who we are! You might be the best sales lady and you are there doing accounting! Our education system came as a bond breaker! We loosing the idea of farming and yet the population is growing, now days people want to find interest in farming as they retire! Agriculture is not for all but what’s happening to Cities, they are calling almost all the youth to take up the streets! Your big liberation might be there with you. This is why you read a-lot of  success stories but end up to not finding the secret. Someone was quoted saying “ if you need to hide something from an African hide it in books”! Our education system makes us hate studying. Education is sweet and you should accompany it along side your line of politics, talent, and any activity related to achievement with minor form of education.  

I remember when the government of Kenya announced the death of all analogue tvs, those of us who had no dishes or decorders were locked out, and there came massive sale of Decorders, with time we came accross Covid19 that taught us we need to be more online rather more digital. 😂😂 we are moving and the train is not waiting for anyone. Look  almost the whole world is going online, some people have become CEO on online tvs, online blogs, online e-commerce and so many others. This is no magic, its a transition of the moving globe, you cant be young forever and thus the environment can look the same forever! Internet can remain the same forever! There was no COVID-19 to those who died before it came and they cant relate anything, those who will be born 20 years to come will not relate anything, what am saying!  Its like those in existence now cant relate HIV!!! The world is moving and trying to shape how we do things! Its an adoption of an old shape in a new existing mode. Look HIV came and there came condom, corona has come and there will be mask! Its no new! Work hard and realize some future! Its given as a package and when done we die! Those who come will find new cultures & environments but they won’t die with the same cultures and environment they they found at birth! 

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